Protecting Against Your Prosper202/Tracking202 Server Going Down

Posted by admin | Posted in Internet, Marketing, PPC | Posted on 05-04-2009

It will inevitably happen at some point, your tracking server will go down.  It could be anything from you accidentally shutting it off, blocking traffic, data center loses power, who knows.  But the good thing is that there is a very simply trick that will save you a lot of down time.  When you setup the prosper202/tracking 202 redirects, they will look something like:


// ——————————————————————-
// Tracking202 PHP Redirection, created on Sun Feb, 2009
// This PHP code is to be used for the following landing page.
// ——————————————————————-

if (isset($_COOKIE['tracking202outbound'])) {
$tracking202outbound = $_COOKIE['tracking202outbound'];
} else {
$tracking202outbound = ‘′;

header(’location: ‘.$tracking202outbound);


That is the standard redirect prosper will spit out to you.  It basically translates to, if the user has cookies enabled, call the tracking domain and subid from the cookie.  If they don’t have cookies enabled, here is the direct link to the tracking domain redirect.

Here is the real simple fix, instead of using your tracking domain link in the “$tracking202outbound = ” field, but in your direct affiliate link at the network of the offer.  If your tracking domain is down, PHP won’t execute the redirect from the cookie, so it will redirect to whats in the “$tracking202outbound = ” field.  You might as well put your affiliate link there anyway, because if the user doesn’t have cookies enabled, their subID won’t be tracked.

Hope this made sense, because it has saved me a lot of headache.  I edit all of my redirects to do this.

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Comments (6)

  1. Good tip bro.

  2. good tip. I’m just a little hazy.

    I think I get what you are saying..

    In the “ELSE” statement in the php code, instead of putting your actual tracking domain link “$tracking202outbound = ” field put the subid that you created for the affiliate. So rather than using something like…


    “100Acaigoogle” (whatever id you’ve created)

    following, so the code after the “else” would read…

    $tracking202outbound = ‘100Acaigoogle′;

    Sorry, It’s taken me way to long to get things tracking accurately, that I want to make sure I’m not missing anything.

    thanks for your posts.

  3. Thanks mate it actualy makes a lot of sence. Some things are best kept simple.

  4. No Focused, what you put in there is the your actual affiliate link provided by the affiliate network

  5. Hello Brandon, Thanks for tip
    I am just wonderin what do you do for Multiple Offers Page, As the example abave is for Single Offer Page

    Here is what you normally get for Multiple Offer Page

    How do you check if don’t have cookies enabled and send direct to offer
    Please advice



  6. This works for a multiple offer page

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